In a fast-moving world, it’s easy to be forgotten or ignored.

It is a busy, distracting, and multi-tasking world.

Action item: never stop marketing (or selling).

When you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. And that’s a dangerous place to be.

If you’re not marketing, you’re invisible. Meanwhile, the competition is front and center with prospects.

My biggest lesson from posting regularly on LinkedIn (my go-to marketing channel) over the past year is that consistency matters.

When you show up every day, people see you and your brand. People may not read or comment on your posts but they’re constantly reminded that you exist.

When they need products or services or have colleagues looking for solutions, you’re a potential option.

It’s a scenario that I’ve encountered dozens of times since jumping hard on LinkedIn last year. I get a DM or an email from someone who has read my posts or talked to someone who had.

It’s about having a presence and making an impression.

At the very least, it allows you to get in the game and battle for business rather than quietly sitting on the sidelines.

However you’re marketing, (LinkedIn, advertising, content marketing, Webinars, conferences), show up consistently, offer as much value as you can, and remember that people have options so position your business as one of them.