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A Little About Myself...

Since 2008, I’ve worked with 100+ companies as a fractional CMO,  strategic advisor, and coach.

I'd describe myself as a marketing catalyst. By offering strategic guidance and a hands-on approach to tactics, I focus on improving your marketing so you attract and engage better prospects and customers.

I work particularly well with B2B and SaaS companies with less than $5 million in sales.

They're doing no, little or ineffective marketing and need someone to guide them forward strategically and tactically.

My growth methodology includes brand positioning and messaging (aka your customer story) strategy (plans that make sense), and systems (a method to the madness) that drive consistent and successful marketing.

Before launching Marketing Spark, I co-founded a wildly unsuccessful startup, Blanketware. I also worked for several VC-backed startups as a marketing leader.

I began my career as an ink-stained technology journalist for the Globe & Mail, National Post, and Bloomberg News. I'm a Canadian (Toronto).

My passions are family, playing hockey and tennis and traveling.

Enjoy this video from a few years back :)

A video introduction from Mark Evans
"As the Papercurve team puts their heads down to create products for the life sciences industry, it becomes a challenge to understand what our product meant to users. Mark detached us from talking about shiny new features to the problems we solve. This has made our pitch and approach to our clients resonate so much more."

Antonio Salumbides

CTO, Papercurve

Some of the 100+ B2B and SaaS companies I've helped.

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