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Discover your Website's untapped potential

An audit that tells you the what, the why, and the how to make changes that matter.

Actionable insights to improve messaging, copy, CTAs, navigation and more.

What you get:

Messaging evaluation: I’ll take a deep dive into your site's copy to ensure it's clear and consistent and nails your brand voice—no jargon, no fluff—just effective communication.

CTA review: Your CTAs should be compelling click-magnets. We'll give them a thorough check-up for visibility, clarity and actionability.

Navigation audit: If users can't find it, it doesn't exist. We assess your site's architecture and suggest a more intuitive user journey.

Design review: I'll examine the visual elements across your site to ensure consistency in style, fonts, colours, and imagery.

  • A detailed report that includes customized recommendations and actionable roadmap for improvements. These can range from minor tweaks to major strategic and tactical changes.
  • Messaging scorecard: a graded evaluation of your Website's messaging, strengths and weaknesses with a focus on clarity, persuasiveness and relevance.
  • A 30-minute discovery call to understand your strategic goals, what's happening and a post-review call to walk you through the process and findings.
How much?

Unlock your Website's potential for only $399.

What people say

"We were delighted with the website review from Mark. His fresh "pair of eyes" review helped ensure we had an external perspective of our website which proved very useful. Highly recommended." - Alan Gleeson - CEO, Contento

"Mark did an incredibly helpful review for my website and pointed out several things I had never noticed. I’m excited to take his feedback and improve my site!" - Jennifer Gottesfeld,

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