Website Audits and Optimization

Your website should act as a passive salesperson for your business. If it doesn't educate, inform and persuade visitors, what is it doing? Discover the untapped potential of your website with an in-depth audit that includes a detailed report and a 30 minute discussion.

Who's It Made For...

Your website isn't achieving it's maximum potential and you want to fix it before more visitors turn away.

Impress customers and make the purchasing process as easy as possible. Let your website the proud face of your brand.

"We were delighted with the website review from Mark. His fresh "pair of eyes" review helped ensure we had an external perspective of our website which proved very useful. Highly recommended." - Alan Gleeson - CEO, Contento

What You Get...

Messaging evaluation: I’ll take a deep dive into your site's copy to ensure it's clear and consistent and nails your brand voice—no jargon, no fluff—just effective communication.

CTA review: Your CTAs should be compelling click-magnets. We'll give them a thorough check-up for visibility, clarity and actionability.

Navigation audit: If users can't find it, it doesn't exist. We assess your site's architecture and suggest a more intuitive user journey.

Design review: I'll examine the visual elements across your site to ensure consistency in style, fonts, colours, and imagery.

"Mark did an incredibly helpful review for my website and pointed out several things I had never noticed. I’m excited to take his feedback and improve my site!" - Jennifer Gottesfeld,

How much is it?

A full B2B website audit (recorded on Loom) is $299. This also includes a 30 minute call to throw ideas back and forth.

If you want your website to educate, inform and persuade visitors, send in an audit request via the contact form.