Brand Strategy

If you’re not clear about why your product is the option for your customers, why would they pick you?

Powerful brand positioning and messaging makes your marketing effortless, helps customers quickly see your product’s value, and makes sales happen faster.

You have a brand positioning and messaging problem if....

  • You have difficulty articulating what makes your company better, different or unique.
  • Prospects are confused about what your company does and stands for.
  • Competitors with clearly defined brands are taking market share.
  • Website bounce rates are high and converions are falling
  • Demos fall flat and prospects ask obvious questions.
  • Sales cycles are frustratingly long and getting longer
  • There aren't enough qualified leads to drive sales

Why brand positioning and messaging matters

Brand positioning and messaging underpin your entire business: marketing, sales, HR, product development and raising capital. Everything easier when everyone is reading off the same page.

Brand positioning allows you to stand out from the crowd to reduces sales cycles, increase conversions, make advertising more effective, and attract the best customers.

What are the steps fix your positioning and messaging?

I use a three-pronged methodology to develop positiong and messaging that make an impact.

Customers: The process begins with an in-depth exploration of your prospects and customers to uncover their challenges, aspirations, pain points, and what would get them to consider new and alternative solutions.

Competitors: Every business contends with fierce rivals who have strengths and weaknesses. You need a thorough understanding of their products, positioning and messaging position your brand and products as different, better or unique.

Your offering: It’s time to be honest and take a hard, cold look at what you do and who you serve. Some of the key questions include:

- What’s your current positioning and why isn’t it working?

- Who wants to change it and why?

- What are your product’s biggest benefits and features?

- How is your product unique, better, or different?

What are the deliverables?

The deliverables for successful positioning and messaging include:

  • Brand positioning statement: what you do, who needs your product, why it matters to them, and how you're unique, different or better.
  • Value proposition: the reasons why a customer would select your product and why it is the obvious choice.
  • A competitive audit that explores the positioning and messaging of key rivals. It identifies themes and keywords so you can craft differentiated positioning.
  • A "story deck" that highlights the industry landscape, the challenges facing prospects, and how your product stands out amid all the competitive alternatives.
  • Updated messaging that appears on your Website, sales decks, demos, social media profiles, content marketing, one-pagers, and videos.

The Packages

Rebuild: an in-depth exploration of your product, customers, and competitors.

We’ll discover what makes you the only option. Then, we test the new customer story and pollinate it across your marketing and sales assets.

It includes customer research, brand positioning, , a "strategic story" playbook and messaging to update your website, sales decks, one-pagers, and more.

Refresh: Full-day and half-day workshops with your team to explore your product, customers, and competitors.

Using group and individual exercises, we'll define your positioning pillars and develop a clear customer story aligned with your goals.

You receive a playbook that captures the key ideas and messaging to quickly and easily update your marketing and sales assets.

Refine: A review of your website and marketing to understand your customer story and positioning. We deliver a report with ideas and recommendations to improve your customer story and positioning.

Why does positioning and messaging matter?

Armed clear and compelling brand positioning and messaging everything flows faster, better and easier: marketing, sales, product development, customer success, HR, and raising capital.

If you want to be the obvious choice to people that matter to you, let's get in touch.