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Brand Strategy

If you’re not clear about what you do, how you're different, better or unique and why your product is the option for your customers, why would they pick you?

Powerful brand positioning makes your marketing effortless, helps your customers quickly see your product’s value, and makes sales happen faster.

Who's it for?

In competitive markets, it's hard to stand out; your competitors walk and talk just like you. You need positioning that boldly and clearly tells the world how you're different, better or unique.

Let's establish a competitive advantage with brand positioning that underpins everything you do: marketing, sales, product development, HR, and raising capital.

What You Get..
  • A brand positioning engagement focused on extracting in-depth information and insight about your customers, competitors and your product. It's a strategic exercise empowers you to explore your business and get a better understand of what you need to do and the stories to tell.
  • A brand positioning blueprint that incorporates your strategic narrative, value propositions, brand positioning statement, competitive analysis and customer interviews. Tell a story that is clear,  consistent and memorable.
  • Messaging that reflects your brand positioning and pollinated across the organization; your Website, sales decks, social media profiles, content marketing, customer success and customer support.
  • Perspective from someone who has worked with 100+ B2B and SaaS companies. As a long-time storyteller (journalist, author, marketer), I can provide an unbiased view of the world
All in All...

Brand positioning matters more than ever.

If you don't stand out, you risk getting lost in the crowd, and that's a dangerous place to be. Let's create brand positioning that resonates and helps establish a competitive advantage.

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