To propel your company’s growth, marketing matters.
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B2B Marketing Services


Brand positioning is a key pillar for better marketing. It establishes you as unique and aligned with your customers’ needs. 


A strategic plan lets you focus on the right people in the right places and do the right things to build a roadmap for success.


As a fractional CMO, I’ll guide your tactical execution to fuel brand awareness, engagement, and leads.

Let’s Work Together

Part-time CMO
Working with your team and/or suppliers, I’ll improve your brand positioning and messaging, strategic planning, and day-to-day operations to create a marketing machine that delivers results

Project Strategy
When specific expertise is required to tackle high-priority projects, I’ll provide strategic direction and guidance to drive the expected results. It’s access to marketing firepower when you need it.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and marketing teams need advice and coaching so they can be even more successful. Tap into my experience to make great things happen.

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People Say…

Mark helped us understand what wasn’t working, and quickly came up with a new direction for our messaging and marketing strategy. He was able to set up daVinci with the building blocks for long-term success in a relatively short period of time.

Ning Chiu, daVinci Retail

Mark is a gifted resource who helped us develop A marketing and communication strategy, as well as dive into the tactical programs that he mapped out until we found a resource to handle the ongoing work. He’s a very detail-oriented marketer. I would highly recommend him.

Matt Saunders, Ryerson Futures

As Industrial SkyWorks looked to accelerate its growth, Mark provided strategic marketing guidance. He played a key role in updating our positioning and messaging, as well as a refresh of our Website. His willingness to roll up his sleeves was impressive and appreciated.

Michael Cohen, Industrial SkyWorks


As many B2B companies drive growth, hiring an experienced executive makes sense.

But what if you can’t afford a full-time CMO, which can cost $150,000 to $200,000, as well as benefits and stock options? What if you’re not sure you need a CMO, or there’s not enough work for a F/T position? That’s when hiring a fractional CMO is the right move.

For small to medium-sized B2B businesses, a fractional CMO is a cost-effective resource that can tackle branding, strategy, customer acquisition, content marketing, and team building. If your marketing isn’t working or there’s no marketing happening, a fractional CMO can help to determine how to move forward in the right way.

Here are some things of the things a Fractional CMO can deliver:

  • Expertise: hire someone with the specific skills
  • Strategy: Create a roadmap for success
  • Speed: Fill a gap or short-term need quickly
  • Flexibility: Hire someone for a specific period
  • Cost-effectiveness: A fractional CMO can cost $1K to $10K/month

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