Make your B2B SaaS the obvious choice.

Create positioning and customer stories that makes an impact and do marketing that attracts and engages better prospects.

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Companies I Help:

Under $2M in sales

Early-stage startups

You have healthy sales and attracting customers but you need to create a marketing foundation.

We'll create a clear and compelling customer story that will differentiate your brand and engage your target audience. We'll develop marketing and sales assets to support your marketing efforts, and focus on identifying and leveraging the best channels to drive results and ROI.

$2M - 10M in sales

High-growth companies

You have sales momentum and need to strategic direction to optimize and scale your marketing.

I'll work closely with your internal teams to improve your customer story and implement systems to create a more effective marketing engine. By taking these steps, we can develop a strategic plan to reach and engage your target audiences more effectively.

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The Marketing Spark Methodology

When we engage, you’re not hiring me for guesswork. You want strategic direction grounded in a proven marketing systems and support to drive tactical execution.

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Make it simple

I’ll help you distill the data to create a clear customer story that tells your ideal customers what you do, why it matters, and why you’re the obvious choice.

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Create a Plan

Armed with a deep understanding of your business, customers, competitors and industry, we'll develop a roadmap focused on channels that move the needle.

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Marketing Execution

I'll oversee tactical execution to ensure you're doing the right marketing in the right places. We'll track and optimize performance to drive better results.

Is now the time to hire a fractional CMO for your B2B SaaS business?

Put the power of a proven marketing methodology to work.

Does it feel like your business growth has plateaued, but you’re ready to take it to the next level?

It may be time to rethink your marketing and how you connect with prospects and customers.

This where I come in.

As a fractional CMO, I help B2B SaaS companies reach new levels of success using a tried and true approach to marketing.

Unlike a full-time CMO, who can earn as much as $200K/year (plus benefits and options), I’ll be an integrated member of your team, offering more engaged and hands-on collaboration than a consultant at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Some of my clients include:

“Mark is a gifted resource who helped us develop a marketing and communication strategy, as well as dive into the tactical programs that he mapped out until we found a resource to handle the ongoing work. He’s a very detail-oriented marketer.”

Matt Saunders

Ryerson Futures

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