I make marketing happen for fast-growing B2B SaaS companies.

You don’t want to spend your time running marketing. You  just want results. I’ll handle all your marketing so you can run your business.

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Why Should We Work Together?

My best skill is perspective. I've seen and learned a lot - Been there, done that.

B2B and SaaS companies hire me when they're doing little or no marketing and don't know where or how to start or do better. I'll do strategic planning, drive tactical execution, install processes and workflows, and build a technology stack.

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90-day sprint for rapid growth

Let's take your marketing to the next level in weeks rather than months.

Using our proven methodology, you'll receive guaranteed results and measurable deliverables.

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Fractional CMO: expert leadership

As a fractional executive, I’ll oversee your marketing and ensure alignment across all departments.

‍I’ll join your C-suite team and be the quarterback for all strategy and marketing execution.


Does This Sound Like You?

You find it hard to say what makes your company different or better.

Rise above the competition by boldly declaring what sets you apart—the world is waiting to hear your story. Make sure that prospects get what you do and why you matter to them.

You don't have a marketing strategy or a roadmap for success.

The right channels for engagement are elusive. It feels like you're treading water. High-value resources—time and money—are expended on campaigns and initiatives that fail to yield results.

Growth is painfully slow. It feels like you're missing out on opportunities.

Conversion rates are declining and customer growth is stagnating. Churn is rising and there's less engagement over time. Even worse, usage metrics are declining.

Customer acquisition efforts are poor and sales cycles are getting longer.

It's more challenging to get ideal customers to respond to your outreach. Customer acquisition costs are climbing and you're losing leads and sales to competitors.

With a proven track record of working with
B2B and SaaS CEOs and entrepreneurs for over
15 years
, I have you covered.


Strategic Services For Fast-Growing Brands

Content Strategy & Creation

Create content that resonates and positions you as a go-to resource. We'll help you tell better stories that engage, educate and inspire and turn prospects into customers.
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Research target audiences

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Create editorial plans

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Promotion and distribution to drive engagement

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Brand Positioning & Messaging

Establish your brand or product as the obvious option for the people who matter. In competitive markets, you need to stand out as a brand that's different, better or unique.
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Deep dive into your customers, rivals and your offering

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A compelling strategic narrative

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Messaging that resonates

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Marketing Plans & Strategy

Create roadmaps aligned with  target audiences and budgets and focused on the channels that will drive your business forward. Let's plan the work and work the plan.
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Identify the best channels

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Create budgets and set goals

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Track, measure and optimize results

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Hi, I'm Mark!

As a marketing leader, technology journalist, startup founder and B2B SaaS marketing consultant, I have a unique marketing experience.

I’ve worked as a fractional CMO and strategic advisor with over 100 companies and have the experience, insight, and expertise you need.

From strategic planning to tactical execution, I’ll guide all aspects of your marketing. It includes designing your internal process, overseeing workflows and building a marketing tech stack.

I started my career as a technology journalist and worked for two of Canada's largest newspapers, Bloomberg News, and the South China Morning Post.

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I’ve Helped 100+ Companies Spark Their Marketing.
Real Transformations. Real Results.

"Before we began working with Mark, we were struggling with our positioning and the development of our marketing assets. Mark's leadership helped us pull together as a team to create positioning that was different, develop new assets, and a marketing plan to get more clients.”
A headshot of Teddy Katz

Teddy Katz

Founder, Think Redefined Inc

“As Qii looked to accelerate its growth, I hired to Mark to provide us with strategic marketing guidance. He played a key role in updating our story and messaging, as well as a refresh of our Website. His willingness to roll up his sleeves was impressive and appreciated.
A headshot of Micheal H. Cohen

Micheal H. Cohen


“Mark took our vision and value proposition and re-shaped our language into a core messaging document we can use for our marketing collateral. His research into the subject and detail notes were highly valued. I would highly recommend Mark for startups shaping their messaging.”
A headshot of Amit Jhas

Amit Jhas

CEO, Nōwn

“As we put our heads down to create products for the life sciences industry, it becomes a challenge to understand what your product means to your users. Mark detached us from talking about shiny new features to the problems we solve. It made our pitch and approach to our clients resonate”
A headshot of Antonio Salumbides

Antonia Salumbides

CTO, Papercurve

“Mark is a thought leader, and one of the utmost experts on the startup ecosystem in Canada. I've seen his advisement, consultation, and mentorship bring young companies phenomenal success. I have benefited greatly from his consultation and direct advisement on my marketing efforts.”
A headshot of Arthur T Corry

Arthur T. Corry

Principal, RockCorry Venture Partners

“Mark is a devoted Swiss Army knife in B2B marketing and branding. Any company seeking CMO-level guidance for their marketing department without hiring a full-time CMO would benefit greatly from Mark's hands-on expertise.”
A headshot of Matt Leuschner

Matt Leuschner

CEO, Wingmate

Have Any Questions?

What differentiates "The 90-Day Sprint" from other marketing programs?

The 90-Day Sprint" is uniquely tailored for CEOs of growing B2B SaaS companies. Our program combines strategic planning and tactical execution, offering a comprehensive solution for clarity, focus, and rapid results.

How do I know if "The 90-Day Sprint" is right for my company's growth stage?

The 90-Day Sprint" is ideal for CEOs leading B2B SaaS companies poised for growth and expansion. Whether you need a clear strategy, have an ineffective one, or are doing no marketing, our program addresses your specific challenges.

Can I customize the program based on my company's unique needs?

Absolutely. "The 90-Day Sprint" is tailored to your company's challenges and opportunities. We work closely with you to customize the program, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals.

What kind of support will I receive during the program?

Throughout "The 90-Day Sprint," you receive a weekly call, and your team will have 24/7 access to address any questions and concerns.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

The timeline for results varies based on the unique aspects of your company and the market. However, our structured 90-day approach is designed for rapid impact. Many CEOs start seeing positive changes within the first month of the program.

Is "The 90-Day Sprint" suitable for small or large B2B SaaS companies?

The 90-Day Sprint" is for CEOs of small to mid-size B2B SaaS companies. The program is scalable and adaptable to different organizational sizes and structures.

What happens after 90 days?

The success of the program relies on collaboration. While time commitments vary, we recommend allocating dedicated time for initial discussions, feedback sessions, and progress updates.

Can I discuss with you before committing to "The 90 Day Sprint"?

Absolutely. We encourage CEOs to book a free consultation to discuss their specific needs and challenges and to explore how "The 90-Day Sprint" will benefit their company.

What type of companies do you work for?

As a fractional CMO, I mostly work with SaaS companies but have experience with B2B service companies. I’ve consulted with companies in dozens of industries. Truth be told, they have similar marketing challenges and opportunities. I deploy the same methodology and process to help make them successful.

Ready To Spark Your Marketing?

Embark on "The 90-Day Sprint" with the assurance your investment is protected and your satisfaction is our top priority. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to marketing excellence.

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