January 11, 2024

How B2B Companies Can Embrace the Power of Case Studies

Most case studies are uninspiring and, sadly, a waste of time and energy.

They use a format (problem, solution, results) that doesn't embrace storytelling or creativity.

It explains why most case studies are ignored or not seen as authentic.

But case studies are valuable marketing and sale assets to educate and encourage prospects.Prospects can see how a product successfully performed in different ways for other customers.When done right, case studies are empowering and motivate prospects to move down the sales funnel.

Case studies are an integral part of a company's sales enablement arsenal. As an added bonus, case studies celebrate the success of your customers.Given their value, it's puzzling why many case studies are mediocre, if they're done at all.

Not surprisingly, I jumped at the opportunity to do a podcast with Joel Klettke, who specializes in creating case studies for B2B companies. So, why are many case study crappy?

According to Joel:

• There's no accountability, so no one within the organization steps up to own them strategically.

• There's also a troubling lack of understanding about how to use case studies as strategic assets.

• Companies are afraid to ask customers because they could say "no," so companies make them up with no perspective about the client experience.

On the podcast, Joel and I discuss how to:

• Identify case studies candidates and get them to participate

• How to get sales to embrace and leverage case studies

• Encourage customers to quantify their success with a product• Extract as much value as possible from a case study

• Quantify the ROI of case studies

Listen to the podcast.

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