January 16, 2024

Many B2B SaaS businesses don't need a full-time CMO.

Many B2B SaaS businesses don't need a full-time CMO.

They're too expensive and experienced. They're over-kill.

Instead, these business need to hire:

• A fractional CMO who will build and operate your marketing

• High-quality contractors or freelancers to get shit done

• An agency to deliver a variety of services

These options provide companies with strategic and tactical flexibility, agility, and a cost-effective way to do marketing. In other words, it's a smart and pragmatic approach.

So, when do you need these options?

A fractional CMO comes with experience and expertise, aligned with type of marketing that you want to do. If you're a company that leverages content marketing to attract and engage customers, hire a fractional CMO who's a content expert.

A fractional CMO will also install systems, processes and a technology stack to underpin the business. They'll develop a marketing engine that is repeatable and uses automation to drive efficiencies.

A fractional CMO becomes an integrated part of your leadership ship and engages with key internal and external stakeholders.

Contractors and freelancers are hired guns who fill a specific marketing gap. They write content, create and management email marketing and advertising campaigns, handle SEO, and run your social media accounts.

You hire top-quality people with a track record of success, based on your needs and budget.

Agencies are multi-faceted creatures that offer strategic and tactical services. The right agency is an invaluable partner and growth catalyst.

The wrong agency wastes time and money.

Agencies can stick around for a long time if they deliver ROI.

They can also be fired on short notice if they don't perform or you need different types of services.

Bottom line: There are many ways to get the marketing talent you need without paying for a full-time resource.

Interested in learning more about how a fractional CMO could jump-start your business? Let's talk.

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