Stop talking about yourself. No one cares.

No one cares about how your technology works or all the wonderful features.

What customers are about is themselves and what’s in for them. How is your product going to make them richer, healthier, happier, faster, better, etc.?

brand positioningIt comes down to how your brand or product is positioned. You need to be ultra-clear on what you do, who you serve, how it’s unique, and value delivered.

And it needs to happen instantly. No confusion or ambiguity. If someone has to think about it, you’ve failed.

Strong brand positioning and messaging underpin your marketing and sales. They establish clear and consistent messaging, themes, and stories.

All your marketing and sales reflect your customers’ problems, interests, and aspirations.  More than ever, brand positioning matters because people are distracted and busy.

To improve your brand positioning and messaging, following these simple steps:

* Take a long, hard look at whether your marketing is 100% focused on your customers and what they want.

* Test your current positioning to see if people get what you and why it matters.

* Do a mini-positioning exercise: ask your people how your product delivers for customers.

* Talk to your customers to determine where they see the value

Strong brand positioning is a key competitive tool in an ultra-competitive landscape at a time when capturing the spotlight is hard.

To jump-start your brand positioning, check out this DIY guide.

Mark Evans is a fractional CMO for fast-growing B2B companies that want to do marketing better or differently. My areas of expertise include brand positioning (aka your story), strategic plans (where tell your story and the audience), and overseeing tactical execution.

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