Two months ago, I lost my job in the midst of a global pandemic

Not great timing.

But rather than sitting back, I decided to step up.

podcastAlmost right away, I reached out to my connections on LinkedIn for guidance on relaunching my marketing consultancy.

I talked to dozens of people and had some great conversations. It got me thinking: maybe I should jump on the podcast bandwagon.

I did a “trial balloon test” by posting my idea on LinkedIn on a Saturday morning. The response was amazing: 37,700 views, which is, by far, the biggest audience that any online posts have generated.

So, I have launched, Marketing Spark.

Marketing Spark is a micro-podcast. It features 15-minute conversations with marketers about their successes, failures, and what they’ve learned.

I embraced the format for a few reasons. First, Marketing Spark is a podcast designed to be a digital snack, not a meal. It delivers real-world insight and stories quickly. There isn’t much small talk.

Second, I love the idea of mico-marketing. Many people don’t have the time or attention spans for long-form content. Micro-marketing is about blog posts that are less than 200 words, 30-second videos, social media that are <20 words, and single-page Websites.

To date, I have published five podcasts. Here’s the first episode (Apple, Spotify, Google) in which I tell the back story of Marketing Spark:

I’d be happy to share what I have learned about equipment, recording, editing, and hosting. Drop me a note.

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Marketing Spark is hosted by Mark Evans. the principal with ME Consulting, which works with fast-growing B2B companies to do marketing better or differently.

Mark’s areas of expertise include brand positioning (aka your story), strategic plans (where and how to tell your story and the audience), and hands-on tactical execution.

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