In the “old” days, it was easy to be a marketer.

There were a limited number of channels – print, TV, and radio – and marketing was a broadcast medium. Marketers talked and consumers listened. There was no back and forth.


Today, the marketing landscape is humungous. There’s content marketing, social media, SEO, video, Facebook advertising, retargeting and the list goes on.

And just when you get a handle on the hottest tool, service or channel, something new comes along. In many respects, it feels like an endless game of whack-a-mole. You can’t rest on your laurels or not continually look to upgrade your skills.

Today’s marketers need to be multi-tooled players.

In a recent blog post, Craig Morantz outlined nine things that every marketer needs to do. It’s everything from reading a financial statement and doing ethnographic research to advanced segmentation and sketch design.

Do marketers need to be that well-rounded? Do they have to know everything? Isn’t it enough to be good at one thing?

As a marketing consultant, it’s a constant battle between having focused or broad skills. On one hand, I’m good at a few things: creating messaging and strategic plans. I like this work and have enjoyed many successful engagements.

But do I have to be good at other things? Can I thrive as a marketer without being a Facebook advertising rock-star or knowing how to leverage retargeting?

As much being a multi-tool player sounds good, I’m not sure it’s necessary or viable. While there are people who are good at everything, marketing is becoming a game of specialists. Marketing thrives when campaigns are executed by people who are good at a particular channel or skills. Success happens when teams feature best-of-breed talent.

So here’s the question: how multi-faceted does a marketer need to be?

Does a marketer need multiple skills or simply have a good understanding of how everything works together.

To best honest, I think the answer lies somewhere in the middle. While it’s good to be particularly good at one thing, having knowledge of other things makes you a better marketer. You don’t to be an expert but you should know what’s happening.

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