September 22, 2020

When Most Marketers Zig, It’s Time to Zag

Marketers love jumping on the bandwagon. Podcasts, anyone?

But marketers also need to zig when others zag.


Doing it takes courage. No one wants to look foolish.

But marketers should embrace experiments.

I have a client, for example, that is sending postcards to prospects.

I’m talking about pieces of paper with printing on them.

Why postcards?

We figure that people are overwhelmed with emails, social media, and content marketing.

There’s so much digital information that people stop paying attention. It’s overwhelming.

But what if a postcard – or a series of postcards – showed up in the mail?

It just might capture your attention, even for a short time.

That’s good marketing at a time when people see 3,000 to 5,000 ads a day.

Sending a postcard may seem like an unorthodox approach.

But it’s a big investment and if just one prospect responds, the ROI will be enormous.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and do think that others aren’t.

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