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Hosted by Mark Evans, the Marketing Spark podcast delivers insight and great stories about marketing successes, failures and lessons learned.

Clay Ostrom
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Clay and I explore how positioning is about finding a unique place in the market and creating a memorable connection with customers

Parry Headrick
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For many companies, tech PR is a mystery. Crackle PR's Parry Headrick delivers straightforward advice on how PR works.

Laura Gainor
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Five years ago, pickleball was mostly by senior citizens. Now, it's the fastest-growing sport in North America. Learn how marketing helped make it happen.

Sergey Ross
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In this episode, Sergey Ross and I explore the power of video for B2B SaaS companies looking to accelerate their growth.

Steve Schmidt
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SellX's Steve Schmidt talks about: why the best B2B salespeople combine personality, insight, research and time to engage people.

Josh Lowman
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Some companies aim to stand out from the crowd. They embrace a concept called category design in which they define and lead a new market.

Will Lavender
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At a time when email is still very much alive and well, Lavender's Will Allred talks about write emails that make an impact.

Dan Balcauski
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While many B2B SaaS companies focused on benefits and features, pricing plays a major role in driving revenue and retention.

Jim Kraus
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Say goodbye to the traditional buyer persona. Say hello the modern buyer persona focused on having in-depth insight into how prospects operate.

Shiv Narayanan
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Shiv Narayanan looks at the different marketing roles. We look at the importance of content and how CMOs & CFOs need to establish close working relationships.

Peep Laja
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Peep Laja talks about why differentiation matters in ultra-competitive landscapes and why companies are afraid to stand apart from the crowd.

Dave Poulos
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I talk with David Poulos, a fractional CMO, about why there is growing interest, when and why to hire a FCMO, how to establish the rules of engagement.

Diane Wiredu
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Diane Wiredu takes a dive into how to develop messaging, the deliverables and how to quantify the success of a messaging engagement.

Yoav Vilner
A play episode button CEO Yoav Vilner talks about the interactive demo software company's rapid growth and how it raised major venture capital, including a $35 million Series B round in January

Chris Walker
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From demand generation, attribution and content, Chris Walker is changing how B2B SaaS companies view marketing. Chris is one of the leading voices in B2B marketing.

Kate Bradley Chernis
A play episode button CEO Kate Bradley Chernis talks about the challenges of navigating the B2B SaaS waters as the CEO of a fast-growing startup.

Lindsay Tjepkeam
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An insider's look at the fast-growing world of podcasting from an entrepreneur who has built a B2B SaaS podcasting technology company.

Nelson Gilliat
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A discussion into how marketers can escape the MQL hamster wheel and focus on marketing that makes a difference.

What listeners say about the podcast

"I just found this podcast as a bootstrapped founder. I love the strategies shared here that I can apply to my business. Mark is a great host who keeps the conversation interesting and engaging."

"This podcast is such an excellent resource for all things marketing. I appreciate the variety of guests, the quality of information, and Mark's sincere humility to give all this amazing insight away for free! "

"Mark gives you insight into marketing in ways other podcasts don’t. Love the format and the content. You’re guaranteed to walk away with value bombs."

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