January 20, 2021

The Importance of Embracing a Content Diet: Nemanja Zivkovic

How much content do you consume?

Most of us probably overdose on reading, watching, and listening.

There’s so much great content, that it’s really hard to resist.

Nemanja Zivkovic

I would argue that most of us need to be more structured, disciplined, and focused.

We need to use better tools and best practices.

Nemanja Zivkovic has an interesting approach.

He’s on a “content diet”.

Nemanja consumes content selectively and judiciously.

He relies on a few go-to resources but tries to stay above the fray.

It allows him to be strategic about his content consumption as opposed to gorging at the content buffet.

In some respects, Nemanja has no choice. His business, Funky Marketing, has seen massive growth since it launched in January 2020.

He says demand from B2B clients for marketing services has been strong and constant, fuelled by a marketing engine.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Nemanja and I talk about his journey from marketing employee to agency owner, the growing interest in brand positioning, and how companies can capitalize on the power of repurposing to drive content marketing ROI.

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