December 29, 2020

The New Age of Marketing-Driven Sales: Shiv Narayanan

In the “old’ days, marketing had little to do with B2B and SaaS sales.
Sales approached, talked, nurtured, and closed prospects.

Shiv Narayanan

Marketing played a supporting role; generate some MQLs, okay?
But this is no longer the case.
COVID has hammered sales.
They can’t go to conferences (sales events with content sprinkled for distraction) or visit prospects.
In the meantime, marketing has stepped up to become a major revenue-driver.
Marketing is driving brand awareness, creating content, engaging and nurturing prospects, and turning prospects into customers.
Shiv Narayanan, CEO with How to SaaS, says more CEOs have woken up to this reality and allotting more money to marketing.
He says companies now realize the many revenue roles played by marketing – everything from brand awareness and lead generation to churn reduction and up-selling.

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