January 31, 2021

Driving Predictability and ROI with Revenue Marketing

If only marketing was predictable and ROI was guaranteed.
Life would be so much easier….but maybe less exciting.

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Marketing can be up and down. Sometimes, marketing works. Sometimes, it doesn’t.
But Yaagneshwaran Ganesh believes that marketing doesn’t need to be as volatile or unpredictable.
By embracing revenue marketing, Yaag argues that B2B companies can drive consistent ROI.
The key, he said, is constantly experimenting with new ideas, approaches, and channels. This allows marketers to quickly see what is and isn’t working. There is more evidence and less guessing.
When a marketer discovers something works, Yaag says the next move is simple: double down. Focus on marketing that works and develop structures and workflows to “shampoo, rinse, and repeat.”
On the Marketing Spark podcast, Yaag and I also talk about:
☞ The rise of Clubhouse and why he’s been spending a lot of time on the audio-only platform
☞ Building a personal brand as an international (Indian) marketer.
☞ Why it’s insane for a B2B company not to have a podcast.
The Show Notes
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Yaag on Twitter
Yaag’s ABM Conversations podcast.

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