July 16, 2020

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Dev Basu

On this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast (Apple, Google, Spotify), I spoke with Dev Basu, chief experience officer with Powered by Search, which helps B2B SaaS and tech companies grow monthly recurring revenue, book more demos, and drive trials with content, SEO, and paid acquisition.
Here are four things that I learned from Dev:
Many B2B and SaaS Websites suffer from a lack of dedicated features pages. By not providing in-depth information about a product’s features, you’re doing your product a disservice because customers aren’t well educated and Google can’t find you. These pages need to provide information about the feature AND show how it works and why customers love it (aka testimonials).

Dev Basu

Dev said this approach was inspired by Bernice McCarthy, who developed the 4MAT Learning Cycle Model. In short, the brain digests information based on why, what, how, and what else.

B2B and Saas Websites also need to have a comparison or alternative page. By not having them, Dev said a company fails to acknowledge that potential customers compare different SaaS services. These pages should provide an honest breakdown of the types of customers that are a good fit and customers who a good fit for competitors. A good example, he said, is Drift, which compares itself to Intercom.

The best B2B content marketing is fueled by a research-driven approach that leverages keyword research. The topics searched and the questions asked by prospects and customers aligns with the content on the Website.

Ideally, B2B and SaaS companies should spend 60% of their time creating content and 40% promoting it.

Dev said an effective way to have your content mentioned and linked to is by leveraging other peoples’ opinions. Instead of pitching content to an influencer, for example,  make them part of the content. When you publish, they will want to share it on their social channels and link to it.

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