December 9, 2020

How Clio Attracted 4,600 to a Virtual Event

What if you held a virtual event and 4,600 people showed up?
Even better, what if they happily paid to attend?

virtual event

Now, that would be a spectacular success.
Well, that’s what Clio – Cloud-Based Legal Technology accomplished recently.
The company, which sells software to law firms, held its annual conference and attracted people from 46 countries.
For anyone who has organized or attended virtual events, there is a lot to learn from Clio.
On the Marketing Spark podcast, Clio’s Alex Shipillo reveals some of the secrets to success, including:
✫ Why Clio decided not to host a free event.
✫ How it embraced fun activities like a live concert featuring Ben Harper and an early-morning boot camp workout.
✫And how one of its sponsors figured out how to combine the allure of swag and virtual events.
It’s an interesting and insightful conversation given virtual events will be a reality for the next nine to 12 months.

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