August 4, 2020

Without Strong Brand Positioning, Marketing Can’t Succeed

I had a prospect say “no” recently.

It was disappointing not to get the business.

But I was more disappointed for the entrepreneur.



Because he really needed what I was offering: brand positioning.

An engineer, he had bootstrapped the software development.

The platform is interesting and focused on a big market.

But the entrepreneur’s story is confusing and way too in the weeds.

To get into an accelerator, raise money, or attract customers, he needs a much better story.

Sadly, the entrepreneur can’t appreciate the value of brand positioning.

He believes the product is enough to attract the spotlight.

I think he’s wrong.

Without strong brand positioning, key stakeholders won’t get what you do and why it matters to them.

Even if the product is good, it won’t stand out in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Customers have too many options. And they won’t spend the time to uncover your story.

There’s huge ROI in brand positioning. I hope this entrepreneur eventually realizes it.

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