December 6, 2020

If Your Brand Isn’t Different, It’s Easy to be Ignored

Why fit in when you can stand out?

It’s easy to be like everyone else. It’s hard to be different.

But being different has become a must-have for B2B brands.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of products just like you; same features, benefits, and prices, and going after the same customers.

It’s extremely hard to compete….unless you stand out.

This is why brand positioning has become a marketing and sales necessity.

brand positioning

Customers are distracted, overwhelmed, over-worked, and prioritizing their budgets.

If your brand doesn’t capture the spotlight, it’s game over. The competition wins.

I’m seeing growing interesting in brand positioning and messaging.

B2B companies have realized its importance, which is strange given positioning has always been a critical corporate pillar.

It has dawned on companies that positioning underpins their marketing and sales.

It attracts people to their content marketing, sparks demo requests, allows salespeople to book calls, and drives inbound traffic.

Truth be told, brand positioning is not rocket science.

But it does mean a willingness to accept different perspectives, to think outside the box, and be uncomfortable wearing “new clothes”.

In a fiercely competitive landscape, tactics is not enough if the story isn’t clear, concise, and compelling.

Take 60-seconds to assess whether your brand positioning is different or unique. I’m willing to bet, it’s almost the same as your closest competitors.

I spend a lot of time focused on and thinking about brand positioning. If you want me to take a quick look at your positioning, leave a comment.

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