May 11, 2017

Why Entrepreneurs Need to be Analog in a Digital World

I work out of a converted garage in my backyard. It’s a quiet place to be creative and get work done. I almost like working there too much. After all, it makes for a 15-second commute.
What I have realized, however, working from home is dangerous. It makes you complacent and comfortable. Even better, business magically appears in your inbox and clients constantly deliver new opportunities.
If only it was that easy!


The reality about being an entrepreneur and running a business is you’re always marketing, selling, and closing. And, at the same time, your network needs to keep expanding.
Earlier this year, I got into trouble after being buried by a wave of new business. Although having clients is great, it also means you’re not selling as much or as often. It is easy to get lost in the work, while not remembering that prospecting needs to happen at the same time.
Armed with a strong wake-up call, I have started to attend more events and meet-ups. The surprising part is how few people I know. I think it reflects how quickly Toronto’s technology ecosystem is growing. Literally overnight, there is a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to take on the world.
From a business perspective, it means an entirely new group of people to meet to re-establish my brand and what I do for fast-growing companies.
The much bigger lesson is the importance of networking in a digital world.
As much as entrepreneurs rely on digital tools such as social media, newsletters, and blogs to have an active brand presence, meeting people is how business happens. It is when ideas are exchanged, opportunities are discussed and relationships are formed. As important, a lot of information can be quickly exchanged. In person, you can learn about someone’s needs or problems in minutes. When that happens, business happens.
My advice to entrepreneurs running a business is to embrace the power of networking. Make an effort to attend events and meet new people. Even if you only make one connection, the networking ROI could be enormous.
More: On the TechStars blog, Frank Denbow talks about how networking is not over-rated.

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