Fix your leads problem.

Most B2B SaaS problems are actually customer story problems.

When your story doesn't resonate, your marketing and sales teams struggle to spark new opportunities and close deals.

I can help you fix that — fast - by using a proven marketing methodology to create and tell powerful stories in the right places to the right people.

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Starting at US$6,000/engagement

Fractional/Interim CMO

Who’s it for: You’re looking to fill a senior leadership gap for three to six months.

I’ll create positioning, messaging and marketing assets, install processes and systems and help you tactically execute on the right channels.

Then, I’ll help you make the right hiring decision.

More About Fractional CMO

What you get:

  • Clear brand positioning and messaging to tell and amplify your customer story
  • A 90-day marketing plan focused how the channels used by target audiences.
  • The development of marketing and sales assets (one-pagers, case studies, decks, videos)
  • Project management to ensure high-quality collateral, content, and campaigns.
  • One to two meetings a week to review a marketing dashboard and improve and optimize performance.
Starting at US$2,500/month

Strategic Advisory

Who’s it for: You need strategic and tactical expertise to solve marketing problems and the plans to fix them.

I'll work closely with in-house or third-party marketers to deliver strategic and tactical guidance.

I'll ensure that marketing is focused on the right audiences and continously improving performance.

More About Strategic Advisory

What you get:

  • A positioning, messaging and marketing review and audit.
  • Weekly calls to analyze, track goals, and optimize marketing campaigns, content, and other activities.
  • Templates and worksheets to support systems and processes to turn marketing into a well-oiled machine.
  • Guidance to continually and relentlessly deliver your customer story to the right people in the right places.

Pricing Varies

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Who’s it for: You have a positioning problem.

Bounce rates are high, conversions are falling, sales cycles are long, and demos fall flat.

Brand positioning underpins your entire business: marketing, sales, HR, product development and raising capital. It needs to be clear and powerful

More About Story Development
1.  Rebuild: an in-depth exploration of your product, customers, and competitors.

We’ll discover what makes you the only option. Then, we test the new customer story and pollinate it across your marketing and sales assets.

It includes customer research, brand positioning, , a "strategic story" playbook and messaging to update your website, sales decks, one-pagers, and more.

Cost: $7,500
2. Refresh: Full-day and half-day workshops with your team to explore your product, customers, and competitors.

Using group and individual exercises, we'll define your positioning pillars and develop a clear customer story aligned with your goals.

You receive a playbook that captures the key ideas and messaging to quickly and easily update your marketing and sales assets.

Cost: $4,500 to $7,500
3. Refine: A review of your website and marketing to understand your customer story and positioning. We deliver a report with ideas and recommendations to improve your customer story and positioning.

Cost: $1,000

LinkedIn Coaching

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for thought leadership and brand awareness. I deliver strategic and tactical guidance so you can build a strong network.

We'll focus on how to develop content and develop a best practices and skills to effectively on LinkedIn with people who will help your business grow.

Based on work required

Content Marketing Strategy

With experience as a reporter and B2B writer, I understand the power of content and storytelling and how it can drive brand awareness, leads, sales, and thought leadership.

I can help you brainstorm, structure, create and promote content, powered by systems and templates.

US$500 per call

Strategy Calls

A 90-minute call can be a game-changer. It's an opportunity to explore ideas or ask questions.

I'll offer advice to help you see things differently or embrace new approaches.

Get unlimited email or Slack acccess to me for a week.

What Can a Fractional CMO Offer Your Business?

As a fractional CMO, I offer deeper and more hands-on collaboration than a consultant while offering the expertise of an experienced in-house executive.


When investing in marketing, you want to hire someone with specific skills to achieve your goals. From helping 100+ B2B SaaS companies, be confident you’re in good hands.


Working with me takes the guesswork out of your marketing. I’ll create a strategic roadmap aligned with your product, competitors, and industry.


If you need to fill a gap in your leadership team or meet a deadline, a fractional CMO can quickly identify priorities and accelerate marketing.

Why Should You Hire Me For Your B2B Needs?

When hiring a fractional CMO, your decision boils down to how well they fit with your business and the skills they offer. Here’s what makes me the right choice.


I've developed, implemented, and overseen successful strategic positioning, marketing plans, and tactical execution for 100+ B2B SaaS businesses.


I co-founded a start-up, worked for three VC-backed startups, including as the VP, marketing, and dabbled with several side hustles.


Working with me brings an extensive network of marketing professionals with experience, expertise, and specialization to the table.

Is now the time to hire a fractional CMO for your B2B SaaS business?

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