August 11, 2020

How to Build an All-Star B2B Marketing Team

What are the keys to building a successful marketing team?
Do you hire the best talent or put together a cohesive team featuring people with different talents?

Mitch Solway podcast

“Of course, all-stars,” says Mitch Solway, a fractional CMO for startups, who I interviewed for the Marketing Spark podcast. “But all-star doesn’t necessarily mean the top talent.”
Mitch says a key to success is hiring people focused on the right goals and, as important, people who seamlessly fit into the corporate culture.
Mitch said that when he was the V.P, Marketing with SaaS company, a strong candidate emerged for its affiliate program. In the end, Mitch said they didn’t move ahead because the candidate’s approach to marketing didn’t align with the company’s culture and values.
Another important consideration, he said, is hiring people who are super passionate about their role and totally motivated by the outcomes that the marketing team needs to deliver.
“There’s nothing more frustrating than to have somebody who really loves writing content and they’re getting a lot of people reading it, but it’s not converting. They’re not really motivated by the conversion metric versus somebody that loves to write content and every time they see someone convert, they say, ‘that’s amazing’.”
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