Will 2021 see the return of the full-time B2B SaaS marketer??

As the economies rebound, will B2B SaaS companies staff up?
A year ago, the default reaction to COVID was a huge pullback and layoffs.
It was the end of the world. Let’s batten down the hatches and ride out the storm.
But then the world didn’t end. The B2B SaaS “waters” were excellent as many businesses embraced digital technology.
In turn, B2B SaaS companies shifted to operating lean and mean. They hired marketing freelancers, consultants, and contractors.
It gave them access to strategic and tactical firepower without the salaries, benefits, and perks.
They could survive without FT marketers or a few in-house marketers focusing on strategy and project management.
As the economy improves, will companies rethink this approach? Will they want complete control over marketers?
Many companies will embrace what they see as a better operating model.
For key positions, they will hire smart and skilled marketers.
To get other jobs done, marketing will be outsourced (content, social media, SEO, SEM, design, and PR).
There will be a fundamental shift in how B2B SaaS companies do marketing.
Full-time jobs won’t disappear but a large marketing team could be an anachronism.

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