How to build a personal brand on LinkedIn without writing content

Can you create a personal brand on LinkedIn without writing posts?

It’s an interesting question.

I mean, there is oodles of advice from “experts” who suggest you need to write often to build a personal brand.

But if you’re not a writer?

What if creating content doesn’t come easy or it’s not a priority?

Then what?

Well, here’s one approach.

April Palmer suggests you comment on other people’s posts.

When you come across something interesting, offers insight, perspective, guidance, and direction.

Leverage and share your experience and expertise.

Be generous and write with passion, pleasure, and interest.

Good comments (like good posts) are gold.

They suggest that you’ve read a post, thought about it, and decided to participate in the conversation.

Good comments resonate because a very small number of people write them.

Most comments are quick riffs, acknowledgements, and often people going through the motions to satisfy the LinkedIn algorithm.

To build a personal brand, you don’t need to become a comment machine.

Instead, comment with purpose, intention, and a willingness to make a positive contribution.

For more insight from April about the power of comments, watch this video.

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