Engage and Keep Your Customers With Newsletters

It’s time for the lowly newsletter to shine amid tough economic times.

They can be valuable retention tools if done right.

A customer newsletter can engage, enlighten, and motivate.

It conveys that a company cares about its customers and their success.

It’s a regular touchpoint saying, “We’re thinking about you and here are things you need to know.”

A newsletter can include the following:
• Corporate updates: new product features, events
• Tutorials on how to get more value from the product
• Organic and curated third-party content
• Inspiring and insightful case studies
• Answers to questions from customers
• Quizzes, polls, or surveys
• CTAs for customers to connect

There are several reasons why companies avoid newsletters:
• They don’t see the value
• They think it’s too much work
• They’re not sure people will read it

Customers want to be engaged, and a newsletter is an easy way to connect with the people who matter.

A newsletter can have a “lite” design and doesn’t have to be packed with information.

Check out the example below on how text and links can do the job.

At a time when it’s harder to attract new customers, newsletters are a valuable tool to keep existing customers in the fold.

Below is an example of a simple design for a customer newsletter (although this one is about an acquisition).

We should talk if you’re a B2B SaaS company looking for strategic and tactical help with marketing.

I’m particularly good at working with companies that do little or no marketing but want to start with a rock-solid foundation.

Here’s what I do.

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