April 1, 2021

Are We Reallly Suffering From Zoom Fatigue?

Citi has declared “Zoom-Free Fridays”.
That’s a crazy move. Every day is a Zoom day.
Zoom is awesome.
I can see, listen, and connect with people at scale. I don’t get that from a telephone call.
And despite the pushback, Zoom has become an ingrained part of doing business.
Sure, in-person meetings will happen again but Zoom’s efficiencies are impossible to ignore.
And I would argue that people don’t have “Zoom fatigue”.
They’re frustrated with working from home.
They’re having too many meetings.
And those meetings are likely too long, not well organized, and unnecessary.
In other words, companies need to be smarter about using Zoom. It’s a people problem, not a tool problem.
While Zoom is a great tool, I do wonder if it will keep zooming we can get together again.
Will Zoom be used for small meetings?
Will it be okay to meet a prospect or a new connection via Zoom rather than having coffee or going to their office?
Will jumping on a Zoom simply be how we communicate and collaborate?
A lot of it depends on whether we embrace the new ways of connecting or revert back to the old ways of doing business.
What do you think? Are you suffering from “Zoom fatigue”?

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