November 16, 2022

Wordtune: An example of great homepage messaging

Great messaging makes marketing easy.

A good case in point is Wordtune (one of my Chrome extensions). Powered by AI, Wordtune makes it easy to rewrite or rephrase sentences. I like how it provides alternative writing approaches.

Wordtune’s homepage messaging is intriguing and clear.

– “Your thoughts in words” catches your attention.

– The sub-headline tells you what to expect.

– The graphic on the right-hand side shows you how WordTune works.

It’s an example of how rock-solid messaging engages and educates prospects.

The headlines and graphics deliver a taste of what Wordtune does while encouraging visitors to drill down to get more information.

One of the keys to powerful messaging is it doesn’t overwhelm you. It sparks a journey and inspires people to take one more step.

Too much homepage messaging is obtuse, and confusing and does more harm than good. It creates friction and a barrier to entry rather than generating opportunities.

If people don’t immediately (I’m talking seconds) get what you do and why you matter to them, they’ll bounce away.

Share your homepage URL and I’ll give you a quick assessment.

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