April 29, 2021

Why the fascination/obsession with personal branding?

What’s the big deal with personal branding?
There’s no lack of advice on how and why to do it.
Is the obsession with personal branding due to the gig economy, the ubiquity of social media, or the reality you need to be a “brand” within a volatile economy?
Personally, the focus on personal branding is overblown.
My advice: be a good, empathetic, and generous person, do the right things, and make lots of friends.
And don’t over-think it. Seriously.
On the Marketing Spark podcast, Rich Cardona and I dive into personal branding, why it matters, and how to build one.
We spent a lot of time talking about unintentional vs. Intentional personal branding (aka natural vs. blatant)
I reached out to Rich because his LinkedIn profile is authentic, realistic, honest, and family-focused. Watch his videos to see his approach.
Even before you speak or meet Rich, it’s easy to think that you already know him.
Aside from personal branding, we talked about:
– The importance of content marketing.
– Why his time on Clubhouse (like many people) has dropped.
– The future of LinkedIn as more creators get on the platform.
Listen to the conversation with Rich.

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