April 20, 2021

Why Are Most Business Books are Boring?

Most business books are dull.
I read the first 25 pages before a book loses its appeal. The writing is dense, the topic doesn’t warrant a book, or I quickly get the point.
In fact, I honestly believe most business books would be better served up as long articles.
Laura Valvasori has developed a new and interesting way for people to get more value from business books.
She recently launched the Business Book Collective, a virtual community that combines the concepts of a Mastermind group and a book club.
Each month, you read a book and share your thoughts and take-aways with like-minded people.
It’s a brilliant concept because you’re held accountable to finish the book and you benefit from the collective wisdom of the community.
Laura literally stumbled upon the idea a few months ago. But unlike many ideas that come and quickly go, she embraced it and launched BBC in January.
By the way, it’s World Book Day on April 23.
Listen to my interview with Laura on the Marketing Spark podcast [link]
Read: Some of my favorite business books are The Inside Advantage by Robert Bloom, and Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug.

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