March 7, 2023

Where's the New and Better Twitter (aka X)?

I rarely use Twitter these days. It's toxic, noisy, and I don't see much value from it.

I've lost my loving feeling towards Twitter, which used to be an amazing place to engage, build relationships, exchange ideas.

It was the place that LinkedIn is today. But the question that I'm wondering about is where's the next Twitter?

Where's the better Twitter?

Where is the entrepreneur who has looked at Twitter's potential and decided that there's a better way forward;

something that is engaging and positive and inspiring, and a place where we can build relationships and expand our networks?

There are lots of wannabees out there.

Jack Dorsey's playing with Blue Sky. There's Hive, Mastodon. The list goes on and on, but nothing has seemed to capture the imagination of people that are looking for an alternative to Twitter.

A lot of people have stayed in Twitter. Maybe they're not happy being there, but they recognize that there is a global audience.

There's 300 million people on Twitter, so it's impossible to ignore.

I got to believe someone, somebody somewhere  is working on a Twitter like social platform

that is good, that is healthy, that gives you all the positives of Twitter

and eliminates, and that's a big word, eliminates the negatives.

If you're, you're an entrepreneur or if you're someone who has found the next Twitter,

let me know because I'm fascinated to see what that looks like.

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