March 20, 2023

What is a Fractional CMO, what do they do and what do they Deliver?

What is a fractional CMO, and what do they do?

Questions that popped up after yesterday's post.

In simple terms, a FCMO is a part-time executive who delivers experience, expertise, and guidance.

Having worked with many companies, they can show you what to do right and what to avoid.

Why is the fractional CMO gaining momentum?

Fractional executives have been around for a long time. It started with the fractional chief financial officer.

Companies needed help to manage money and raise capital, but they didn’t need a full-time resource.

Fractional is becoming more popular as a way to acquire expertise at a lower cost.

Many B2B SaaS companies hire a full-time head of product development and sales before investing in a CMO.

Then, rather than hire a full-time marketing executive, they embrace fractional.

Buyer beware: Many marketing professionals are adopting the fractional CMO title. It has more sizzle than a “marketing consultant” or “digital marketer.”

But just because someone calls themselves a fractional CMO doesn’t mean they have what it takes to do the job.

Do your homework, check references, and ask for examples of successful engagements.

A good fractional CMO

• Establishes a marketing foundation by developing processes and structure. Then, they build a marketing machine that delivers predictable results.

• Creates a GTM plan so marketing happens with clarity and confidence.

• Develops positioning, messaging, and branding to create a powerful customer story.

• Assembles a technology stack to drive efficiencies, productivity, and scale.

• Establishes KPIs and benchmarks to analyze and optimize marketing performance.

• Builds a cohesive and talented marketing team and provides mentorship and coaching.

Ready To Spark Your Marketing?

Learn more about how working with a fractional CMO can help you create a better B2B and SaaS marketing strategy, engage more customers and drive brand awareness, pipeline, demand and sales.

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