March 21, 2023

Transform Your B2B Website into a Conversion Machine: Sam Dunning

Are you struggling to make your B2B website work for you? Are you unsure of what mistakes you might be making? Then, you're in luck because I had a guest on the Marketing Spark podcast who can help you out.

In this episode, I chat with Sam Dunning, co-owner of Web Choice, a company that helps B2B companies with websites and SEO. Sam shares his insights on the common mistakes that B2B companies make with their websites and how to ensure that a website is a conversion machine.

Sam emphasizes the need for planning when building or relaunching a website. He suggests understanding why the website is being built or relaunched and what the goals are. It's important to consider who the website is for and to nail down the target persona.

He also highlights the common mistake of having uninspiring and confusing messaging on the homepage.

Sam suggests that B2B companies often guess at what will work on their website instead of understanding what their target clients care about. The homepage messaging should resonate with the target clients and pull them into the website to start the journey.

Sam offers his insights on how to optimize the homepage, product page, pricing page, and About page of a B2B website. He suggests having two call-to-actions on the homepage, along with social proof above the fold, such as sliding testimonials and recent logos.

Sam also shares some red flags that indicate a website needs work. If prospects are giving feedback on sales calls that they couldn't find information on the website, didn't understand what the company does, or found it difficult to navigate, then it's time to assess and analyze the website.

Remember, your website is designed to drive conversions and educate prospects and customers. If it's not doing that effectively, then it's a major sales and marketing problem.

Tune in to this episode of Marketing Spark to learn how to make your B2B website work for you!

Here are the shownotes:

Biggest Mistakes Made by Companies with Their Websites [00:01:19]
Sam discusses the biggest mistake B2B companies make with their websites, which is not resonating with their target clients.

Planning for Website Building or Relaunching [00:02:58]
Sam talks about the importance of taking a step back and thinking about the why and what a company wants to achieve before building or relaunching a website.

Identifying Target Clients and Persona [00:05:15]
Sam emphasizes the need to identify the target clients and persona before building or relaunching a website.

Importance of Messaging on Homepage [00:07:46]
Mark and Sam discuss the importance of messaging on the homepage and how it can turn people off if it's uninspiring and confusing.

Messaging on Other Pages [00:08:31]
Importance of messaging on other pages besides the homepage, common mistakes, and how to resonate with prospects.

Homepage Messaging [00:09:18]
Importance of clear messaging on the homepage, common mistakes, and frameworks for creating effective headlines.

Generic Messaging [00:11:38]
The problem with trying to appeal to everyone and how targeted messaging can attract the right prospects.

Seven Must-Have Pages [00:13:42]
Overview of the seven most important pages on a website: homepage, about, services, case studies/results, pricing, contact, and resources.

Homepage Best Practices [00:15:13]
Best practices for the homepage, including above-the-fold content, fixed menu and call-to-action buttons, hero area, and messaging.

Homepage [00:16:44]
Importance of above-the-fold section, social proof, and sticky menu. Encouraging two call-to-actions.

Product Page [00:18:39]
Teasing the product, addressing pain points, and highlighting key features. Interactive demos as an option.

Pricing Page [00:21:34]
Importance of sharing pricing, qualifying prospects, and backing up claims. Addressing common questions.

About Page [00:23:47]
Importance of relevance to the customer, addressing pain points, and highlighting how the company can help drive their business forward. Avoiding irrelevant information such as cool office or people.

About Page [00:24:35]
Importance of the about page, common mistakes, and tips for creating an effective one.

CTAs [00:26:07]
Importance of CTAs, best practices, alternatives to the classic B2B SaaS CTA, and common mistakes.

Demo and Contact Pages [00:28:24]
Common mistakes and best practices for demo and contact pages, including social proof and thank you pages.

Redesigning a Website [00:31:06]
Signals that a company needs to redesign its website and take a step back to refresh or rebuild it.

Signs that your website needs work [00:31:29]
If prospects are giving negative feedback on your website or if your website is not converting effectively despite investing in advertising or marketing, it's time to assess and analyze your website.

Where to learn more [00:32:52]
Connect with Sam Dunning on LinkedIn for free B2B website and SEO tips or listen to his podcast, Business Growth Show. For help with website conversion, visit Web Choice UK.

Takeaways [00:33:29]
Websites should drive conversions and educate prospects and customers. If they're not doing that, it's a major sales and marketing problem.

If you're a B2B SaaS company struggling with no, little or ineffective marketing, let's talk about building a rock-solid marketing foundation and a powerful customer story

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