September 7, 2006

The Pearl vs. The Q vs. The E62?

Nokia, which plans to start giving its devices names rather than numbers, could emerge as a more viable rival to the Blackberry (including the impressive Pearl) than the Motorola Q. I just got hold of a review unit of the Nokia E62 earlier this week, and came away pretty impressed. It comes with a nice colour screen, push e-mail, Bluetooth and QuickOffice (for viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents). The E62 has a natural, intuitive feel that makes it quite easy to use. This compares with the Q, which was somewhat frustrating to manipulate. Perhaps this has to do with being a long-time Blackberry user. I'm not about to suggest the E62 will be the newest Blackberry-killer (editor's note: can we stop trying to promote this concept until a real rival appears?) but the E62 is pretty appealing. Nokia plans to encourage consumer adoption by aggressively pricing the E62. Rogers, the first North American carrier to offer it, will sell the device for $249 with a three-year contract.

Update: PDAStreet has a review on the E62 and details about Rogers' wireless plans.

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