October 25, 2022

The Growing Importance of Customer Intelligence

How well do you know your prospects, particularly in a world impacted by Dark Web and Dark Social?

In theory, the more that you understand the people who matter, the more effective your marketing and sales are.

It’s Marketing 101 so it’s interesting to see companies struggle due to a lack of customer insight.

One challenge is that prospects visit Websites and consume content but don’t hit the contact page or fill out a form to download content.

But marketers need more information to reach out to prospects and engage them.

Increasingly, there is growing interest in customer intelligence tools that surface information that marketers and salespeople can use to do smarter, more relevant outreach.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, I talked with Clearbit CMO Kevin Tate about how marketers can use customer intelligence software to make marketing lead generation more efficient and faster, deliver insight on Website traffic, and make advertising more effective, particularly at the top of the funnel.

We also discussed:
🎤 The value of ideal customer profiles and buyer personas, and how to create them. Kevin says the “job-to-be-done” approach is a key tool
🎤 How Clearbit does its own customer research, some of it fueled by listening to conversations using Gong.
🎤 How marketers are being transformed into revenue leaders
🎤 Clearbit’s approach to marketing: content, free tools, and conferences

Listen to the podcast.

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