August 25, 2022

Taking a brand (Typeform) from well known to ubiquitous

Having raised $135 million in venture capital, Typeform is looking to go from well-known to ubiquitous.

One of the people leading the charge forward is Karrie Sanderson, Typeform’s chief marketing officer.

A key mandate is driving brand awareness among people who may not have heard of Typeform, one of the world’s leading online form and survey companies.

The financing gives Typeform tremendous marketing power when competitors may pull back on spending.

Sanderson uses a racing car analogy to describe Typeform’s marketing approach: “On a sunny day, it’s hard to pass cars. But in the rain and if you’re well suited, you can pass and really make a lot of ground.”

Sanderson recently appeared on my Marketing Spark podcast. We talked about:

  • The value of positioning and messaging and how market leaders must continually focus on the right message to the right people.
  • Dark Web and dark social, which Sanderson says, are not new. “They’re like old-fashioned marketing”.
  • Typeform’s plans to ramp up its presence on LinkedIn.
  • The importance of “giving” rather than continually asking for something from prospects and customers.

Listen to the podcast interview.
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