March 15, 2023

Sales and not willing to accept "no" for answer

Does “No, thanks” mean no way?

For some salespeople, "no" is not a negative. Instead, they see it as a positive signal.

It’s engagement rather than radio silence. It's an indication that someone is willing to engage and respond rather than doing nothing and quietly unsubscribing from your email marketing campaigns.

It’s a strategy that a client's head of sales has taken to heart. And it's an interest way to look at the sales process and the buyer's journey.

As a marketer, "no" is the worst-case scenario. It's when someone deletes your email immediately, doesn't read your content, or quickly bounces from your Website.

For this salesperson, however, no is not the end of the line. Far from it.

When a prospect replies negatively via email, the salesperson goes into action.

He reaches out to ask why the prospect isn’t interested and tries to show them why they should change their minds.

Is it blissful ignorance or eternal optimism? It’s probably both.

Prospects say “no” when they’re not uneducated, unconvinced, not ready, or happy with a current solution.

It's easy to say "no" because it makes life easier and less noisy. A "no" means go away because I'm busy right now or have other priorities.

But a “no,” can be fragile or soft. And, in time, “no” can turn into “yes.”

Given that possibility, maybe the salesperson is onto something.

Maybe they understand there’s always hope, even when a sale looks unlikely.

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