April 25, 2021

Five ways to measure the ROI of positioning

Better, more compelling positioning is a no-brainer. 

It differentiates your brand and makes you the obvious choice.

But how do you measure the ROI of positioning? How do you know the investment is worth it? Let’s explore the different ways that positioning can make a huge impact:

Website conversion rate will increase. With clear positioning, visitors quickly see the value your product delivers and why it matters. That drives more purchases, trials, downloads, clicks, and demo requests.

Lower costs per acquisition/leads. If prospects understand how and why your product meets their needs, the sales cycle is faster and less time and money is spent nurturing and closing deals.

You will attract better prospects and fewer low-potential tire-kickers. When people aren’t clear or convinced about what you do and who you serve, you’ll attract different types of prospects rather than the right prospects.

Better trial to purchase conversion. The people taking a “test drive” are qualified and valid prospects rather than people taking your product for a quick spin.

Higher revenue. Better positioning means better prospects who turn into rock-solid customers who love your product and spread the word.

This is part two of my mini-ROI series. Check out part one of how to drive ROI from positioning.

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