December 7, 2022

Podcast ROI isn’t About Subscribers, Streams or Downloads.

Someone asked me: how’s your podcast doing?

My answer: After two years, it’s still going. 😀

The biggest challenge for most podcasts is consistency.

Podcasts are sexy and deliver huge ROI but require a lot of work.

You must plan episodes, invite and interview guests, edit audio and video, and distribute and promote.

It can become a slog and a grind.

Many companies question the ROI if they measure by subscribers, downloads and streams.

IMHO, that’s a flawed approach because the true value of a podcast is:
• Conversations with prospects, customers, and influencers
• Amazing material for content marketing and social media
• Brand awareness and affinity by delivering insightful episodes

Personally, the biggest ROI from my podcast is talking to smart and interesting people.

It’s like getting a free, high-value consulting session from experts.

From a “metrics” perspective, the biggest success signals are:
• I’m getting approached to have B2B SaaS CMOs appear on the podcast.
• 95%+ of my guest invitations are happily accepted.
• I do lots of notetaking while editing episodes.

How do you determine podcast ROI?

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