May 22, 2023

Pinch-Hitting in the Big Leagues: A Surprise Presentation at DigiMarCon and the Power of PDM

In 1988, Kirk Gibson hit a walk-off home run in the World Series.

Gibson was injured so didn't expect to play but he performed.

I felt the same way at the DigiMarCon - Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conferences & Exhibitions conference week in Toronto.

The day before the session, the speaker backed out due to an illness.

The organizers asked if I could pinch-hit, and, of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Now, I was expecting to present in a small room for 20 or so people. But after I checked in, the organizer led me to the main ballroom.Needless to say, I was surprised, given that I had only done one public speech since 2020.

But when you're called to pinch-hit, you have to perform.

The session went great.I felt good on stage.The audience was engaged and liked the mini-exercises that I asked them to do.

As important, it validated my belief in the power of people-driven marketing (PDM).

Relationships, opportunities and business happen when you're face-to-face.

As much as digital is powerful, PDM is an entirely different beast.PDM is increasingly critical and necessary given there's so much digital noise that breaking through is a huge challenge.

After three years of happily working from home, I need to speak at conferences, attend events and just meet people for coffee.

What's your approach to PDM? What are you doing to make it happen?

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