May 4, 2021

How to operate as a one-person marketing team

Marketing is hard.

It’s even more challenging when you’re a company’s only marketer. You need to strategize, coordinate, tactically execute, and organize. 

In other words, you have to be a multi-task player.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Nancy Kwan talks about life as a solo marketer at Bubblebox.

One of her biggest pieces of advice to solo marketers: “Don’t become a yes person. Be comfortable saying no.”

To be honest, “no” is a difficult word to say. Can you imagine saying “no” to people’s marketing suggestions or needs

Nancy also says that solo marketers need to be:

– strategic and ask tough questions before committing to anything.

– automate mundane tasks to drive efficiencies and productivity.-

– ask “why?” before committing to anything to manage and determine priorities.

– show results to justify getting the budget to hire third-party marketers.

I would suggest that solo marketers thrive with a CEO willing to engage and collaborate.

If you’re a solo marketer, what do you see as the keys to success?

Listen to the conversation with Nancy.

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