June 28, 2020

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Alexis Clarfield-Henry

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast (Apple, Google, Spotify), we talk to Alexis Clarfield-Henry about what it’s like to be the first marketer at a fast-growing startup.
Coming from a career in advertising, Alexis was the first marketer at Unata, which developed an e-commerce platform for grocery retailers. Needless to say, Alexis started from scratch. One of the biggest challenges, she said, was balancing the desire to get started and meeting expectations with learning the business.
“There will be a lot of challenges as the first marketer. Your team has probably been waiting for a while and by the time, they find you, there is a long list of things that they want you to do. They want to do things fast and all the things they have lined up are going to be a challenge and you’ll have stakeholders to balance who have ideas.”
So, what kind of marketer should a startup attract as its first hire? Alexis says it’s important not to simply hire someone who’s been there, done that.
“In terms of who they need to look for, that person needs to be flexible, able to roll with punches, willing to learn new things, willing to test and learn, and pivot. I think companies should broaden their scope of what that person should look like and their exact experience and make sure that person is open to exploring, trying new things, and working fast and working smart.”
Listen to the conversation with Alexis here: 

You can connect with Alexis on LinkedIn and learn more about her content marketing skills on her Website.
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