June 19, 2020

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Nadia Milani

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast (Apple, Spotify, Google), we take a deep dive with Nadia Milani into account-based marketing, which is gaining huge traction with B2B companies as marketers look for better ways to connect with prospects and customers.

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While account-based marketing isn’t a new concept, Nadia, the marketing director with TeraGo Networks, says technology is driving the ability to deliver highly personalized experiences to potential accounts and existing accounts within an organization.
“ABM has been around forever. Planning campaigns around accounts aren’t new but what makes it relevant is when account-based marketing meets technology. We think of all the technologies that are available. You can scale your acquisition efforts in a tailored, personalized way.” 
So, when should B2B companies turn to ABM? Nadia suggests ABM makes sense when your demand-generation or lead-generation activities aren’t working. 
“If you’re in a company doing demand gen and lead gen and you’ve hit the lead number for the month, marketing says, “That’s awesome”. But when they hand leads to sales, sales say, “These leads are crap”. There is a misalignment between sales and marketing. ABM is a  good tactic to get alignment across the board and bring revenue and show ROI where everyone can really around the strategy.”
Listen to my conversation with Nadia:

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