January 27, 2022

Good marketing involves taking risks and not being boring

It’s easy to do the same marketing as other companies.

There’s little risk if your business follows the standard script.

Drawing inside the circles is danger-free and attracts little criticism.

Here’s the thing: it’s boring to play it safe.

Being creative and thinking outside the box is hard when you operate like everyone else.

In a competitive landscape, breaking through is a major challenge.

For marketing and sales to resonate, you need to draw outside the circles and be willing to make mistakes.

Your people need permission and encouragement to zig when others are zagging.

From a strategic perspective, companies should allocate 10% to 20% of their operating budgets to experiments and tests.

Position them as opportunities to learn, push boundaries, and fail.

If experiments work, that’s fantastic.

If not, they let your people be creative, imaginative, and comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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