September 13, 2022

The ups and downs of learning a two-handed backhand

I’m learning a two-handed tennis backhand.

It’s a frustrating, two-step forward, one-step back process.

There are times when I hit the ball amazingly well. And times when it goes directly into the net.

But the key is committing to the process and recognizing that success emerges from the ups and downs.

Learning is challenging and often uncomfortable. 

It’s hard to accept failure and make mistakes, particularly if you’re skilled at other things.

But embracing new experiences and seeking knowledge makes life a lot more interesting.

If you’re not learning, you’re not moving forward.

I admit I’ve been tempted to go back to a one-handed backhand.

But I recognize that would be standing still or, even worse, going backward.

What’s something new that you’re learning? Any insights on how to do it successfully?

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