July 8, 2020

Marketing Spark Podcast Show Notes: Joanne Gore

In this episode of the Marketing Spark podcast (Apple, Google, Spotify), we focus on print. As a former newspaper reporter, I love print.

And as much as everyone is obsessed with digital marketing, print is alive and well.

I talked to Joanne Gore, a B2B marketer, who is passionate about print and three decades driving business with programs that generate awareness, customer engagement, and growth.


Joanne says print does not get the respect it deserves because when people think of print, it’s business cards, magazines, and newspapers.

But print is everywhere.

“When you walk into a store, print is the packaging. Look at the boxes today versus 10 years ago. Packaging today is about the unboxing experience. There are really cool things in stores but no one thinks of it as print. That whole experience. That touch, that feel, and memory. This why is print is relevant.”

It is easy to think that Gen Z and Millennials are all print all the time, but Joanne says this is not the case.

“Of college students surveyed, 92% prefer reading print to digital material. 78% of millennials enjoy the smell and feel of paper, and 58% said the same about magazines. As well, the top 20 print magazines reached more adults and teens than the top 20 TV shows.’

What about measurement?

Some print campaigns, she said, can be measured such as direct mail with personal URLs. But there is also value in non-quantifiable ways before, during, and after-sales. “You have to understand its value to continue to engage and drive through the customer journey.”

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