April 11, 2023

How to embrace the power of account-based marketing (ABM)

"Account-based marketing is really just good marketing. It's what we should be doing in the first place." - Paul Slack.

For all the buzz about ABM, Paul's definition is bang on.

ABM is marketing that targets a specific audience that will respond to what a brand has to say because:

• You understand their pain points

• Deploy the right messaging, and

• Capture and hold their attention

.....to make sales easier.

At a time when B2B SaaS companies are scrambling for leads, many are leaning hard into ABM.

They hope that a focused and efficient approach to marketing (and sales) will generate leads.

In theory, ABM is a smart strategic approach, but Paul says many companies drop the ball for two key reasons:

• Don't start with specific goals about what they're trying to accomplish.

• There is no alignment between marketing and sales.

For companies looking to dip their toes in the ABM waters, Paul suggests a pilot with a walk-before-you-run approach.

• Start with an SDR or a salesperson who wants to partner with marketing on ABM.

• Find an asset performing well, like a blog post or white paper.

• Select an audience and personalize the asset for these customers.

Do you have any advice for those thinking about dipping their toes in ABM?

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