March 9, 2021

How to Create Email Newsletters That Engage and Convert: Ashley Guttuso

Newsletters are the Rodney Dangerfield of marketing.
They get no respect. Yet, marketers love newsletters (and email marketing).
We religiously send them to prospects and customers to encourage and educate.
Some companies do newsletters well. Others use them as blatant sales tools.
Ashley Guttuso spends a lot of time sending and studying newsletters. Her “Opt in Weekly” newsletter features interviews with newsletter creators. Ashley has some great advice about newsletters, including the belief that B2B companies should “use editorial content to earn the right to be promotional”.
On the Marketing Spark podcast, Ashley and I talk about:
– Best practices to create the right content mix
– The biggest mistakes to avoid – Using the right tone and language
– Why HubSpot recently bought The Hustle newsletter.
– Why small newsletters are attracting advertising from large companies.
From your experience, what companies send good newsletters?
Here’s where you can listen to the podcast.

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