April 13, 2021

How Positioning is Like a Duck on the Water

A positioning exercise is like watching a duck on water.
On the surface, the duck is calm, elegant, and beautiful.
Below the surface, their feet are moving furiously.
The deliverables for successful positioning seem simple, almost too simple.
They can include a:
– Positioning statement
– Value proposition
– Boilerplate
Behind the scenes, however, the process has included:
– A deep dive into a company’s product
– Discussions with employees.
– Interviews with different types of customers
– Industry research
– An in-depth competitive analysis
– Hours of brainstorming.
Simplicity is the magic of positioning.
Positioning literally “boils down the ocean,” so a company’s marketing (and sales) is easily understandable and makes an impact quickly.
When you eliminate the complexity and confusion, customers see your products’ value faster, and conversions jump.
Your Website, advertising, social media, and sales presentation work better and resonate.
It is why I strongly suggest that every company, at the very least, review its positioning regularly.

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