October 16, 2022

Gated Content is Alive and Well

I have a client whose content is gated. All of it.

At a time when ungated content is all the rage, my client is an anomaly.

But he’s good with that.

He’s focused on a niche market and creates content for a small group of prospects.

In his opinion, there is no competition from other sources since his content is so specific.

As a result, prospects will provide an email address because there aren’t other ungated options.

And he’s probably right.

It shows that a blanket dismissal of gated content doesn’t apply across the board.

There are opportunities to put a small obstacle in front of high-value content.

An email is a small price to pay for content that people want as long as it’s not low-value or available from multiple sources.

If you’re publishing an eBook, guide or report, think about its value to readers and whether it’s differentiated.

Then, you can develop a landing page and charge an admission fee.

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