June 1, 2023

From Boring to Brilliant: How to Create Informative and Engaging Newsletters That Customers Love

When was the last time that you sent a newsletter that you were proud of?

A newsletter that was informative, insightful, and engaging.

Well, I suspect that marketers would say, "I don't know, never."

This is because most corporate newsletters are terrible.

They're boring and corporate-centric rather than customer-centric.

Many are focused on new product features or how the platform has evolved, or events in which a company is participating.

They're about the company, not about the customer.

As a result, companies are always surprised when their newsletters aren't opened.

Engagement is really low, and they leave a lot of money on the table.

A lot of effort is spent to create a newsletter or at least some effort, but there's very little return.

The reason is that these newsletters are, well, they're just designed wrong.

There's no strategy, and there's little that serves the needs and interests of customers.

But a newsletter can be informative.It can be educational and inspiring if it's done properly and through the lens of the customer.

A good newsletter empowers customers to leverage your product and offers different perspectives and insights, including third-party content.

You want to engage readers and make them feel like their business is valued.

Your job is to make them more inspired and engaged.

They see you as a trusted resource and keep using your product.

Newsletters are a key pillar within the customer marketing framework.

Take a step back and explore how your newsletter could focus more on engagement and less on your product or sales.

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